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Parent Evaluation of Aural/Oral Performance of Children

The PEACH is a measure used by audiologists and hearing health professionals to evaluate the effectiveness of a child’s use of hearing in real-world environments.


 The PEACH+ provides an additional estimate of a child’s ease of listening in different situations.

Happy Mother with her Child

PEACH with norms scale (English)

The PEACH rating scale, with a norms scale for scoring purposes

Cute Girl in Classroom

PEACH+ with norms scale (English)

The PEACH rating scale with an additional ease of listening scale

Happy Baby

 PEACH Diary (English)

The original PEACH diary

The PEACH is available in the following languages (Select to download)

If you have translated the PEACH into a language that is not listed here, please let us know so that we can make your translation available to all.  

 PEACH References:

Ching TYC, Hill M (2007). The Parents’ Evaluation of Aural/oral performance of Children (PEACH) scale: normative data.  Journal of American Academy of Audiology. 18(3): 221-237.

Quar TK, Ching TYC, Mukari SZS, Newall P (2012) The Parents’ Evaluation of Aural/Oral performance of Children (PEACH) Scale in the Malay language: performance in normal hearing children. International Journal of Audiology 51(4), 326-333.

Zhang VW, Xu TQ, Ching TYC, and Chen XQ (2021). The Chinese version of the Parents’ Evaluation of Aural/Oral Performance of Children (PEACH) rating scale for infants and children with normal hearing, Int.J.Audiol., DOI: 10.1080/14992027.2021.1922768.

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