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Book Chapters

Ching TYC, Cupples L, Zhang W V (2018). Language abilities and language growth in children with hearing loss. Horst J & von Koss Torkildsen J (Eds). International Handbook on Language Development, Routledge Publ.

Ching TYC, Wong C (2016). Factors influencing child developmental outcomes. In Rhodes E & Duncan J (eds). AV Practice: Towards a Family-Centred Approach. Chapter 7.

Ching TYC, Zhang V, Hou S (2016). The importance of early intervention for infants and children with hearing loss. Chapter 28. In Madell J, Flexer C, Wolfe J (eds). Pediatric Audiology. Thieme Publishers.

Ching TYC, Hou S, Zhang VW (2015) Outcomes of infants and children with hearing loss. In: Tharpe AM & Seewald R (eds). Comprehensive Handbook on Pediatric Audiology, 2nd edition, San Diego: Plural Publishing Inc. Chapter 28, 713-737.

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